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GIF: Neville Longbottom

03. Neville: You can’t go out, you’ll be caught again. Gryffindor will be in even more trouble… I won’t let you do it. I’ll — I’ll fight you!

Ron: Neville, get away from that hole and don’t be an idiot.

Neville: Don’t you call me an idiot! I don’t think you should be breaking any more rules! And you were the ones who told me to stand up to people!

Movie Screenshot: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

GIF: Shining

One of Jack Nicholson's best work - this one is a Horror cult classic from the pen of Stephen King. Yes, Shining.

via: IWDRM

David Mitchell Quote of the Day

GIF: Russell Brand

Movie: Get Him To The Greek.
This was surprisingly good. 

Justin Bieber insult of the day: Lesbian

PROOF that Justin Bieber is a lesbian

Darth Vader warholized - Stop Wars

GIF: I bet you cannot dance like this

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory. 

GIF: Oh Hello Mr Bicep

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Original Air Date: Feb 11, 1999

GIF: Neo dodges the bullet

Neo: Trinity.... help!

GIF: Megan Fox burns her tongue


GIF: Charlie Chaplin

Guess the movie. 

GIF: Jekyll & Hyde

Drawn by David Huyck
More of his drawings can be found here. 

GIF: American Psycho

Movie Screenshot: Ghostbusters

GIF: Proof that Chris Pine is gay

This clip was taken from the Red Carpet at the premiere of Chris Pine's latest flick - Unstoppable

Movie Poster: The Social Network

GIF: The Seven Harrys

You must have seen this already in the trailer. And I've made it into a GIF :)
Catch the trailer here.

Modern Family: Why The Face

Phil Dunphy - World's coolest dad. 

GIF: Die Hard

Die Hard (1988) dir. John McTiernan
Hans Gruber: Do you really think you have a chance against us, Mr Cowboy?
John McClane: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.

GIF: Full Metal Jacket

this is my rifle. there are many others like it, but this one is mine. my rifle is my best friend. it is my life. i must master it as i must master my life. without me, my rifle is useless. without my rifle, i am useless. i must fire my rifle true. i must shoot straighter than my enemy, who is trying to kill me. i must shoot him before he shoots me. i will. before god i swear this creed: my rifle and myself are defenders of my country, we are the masters of our enemy, we are the saviors of my life. so be it, until there is no enemy, but peace. amen.
~Full Metal Jacket

GIF: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

GIF: Exorcist

Okay, this is not the one you expected. But still menacing enough. Happy Halloween

GIF: Inception dream collapse

This one is from the induction program of Ariadne, when Dom Cobb tests Ariadne if she realises how she got there. I love this scene to bits. And when I watched this on IMAX, the sheer magnitude blew me away completely. *Bows to the genius of Nolan*

Face Replace: JayZ

via: JustYvonne

Movie Poster: The Social Network

GIF: Paranormal Cativity

Kitteh has anti-gravity powers , borrowed from Ceiling Kitteh :P

GIF: Bed Intruder - oh wait

If that still doesn't make sense to you, watch this. 

GIF: Glee - Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hold on to your breathe. A bit more long. And here it goes.
What did you think about the episode? 

GIF: London - The city I live in

London - The city I live in, the city I love the most. 
But it does bug me that every friggin Hollywood movie which is "supposedly" based in London or has a scene in London will have a compulsory scene showing the above as a backdrop. It gets on my nerves. Why no love for ermm...maybe Greenwich, or Shepherd's Bush LOL. 

GIF: Hermione is in charge bitches

GIF: Psycho - The Scene

Is the music playing in your head ? It is NOW.

GIF: Lightsaber Battle

GIF: Fishes make me groovy

How will a Disney orgasm look like?

Maybe like this?

GIF: Dark Knight Rises

via: TotalFilm

GIF: Hey McFly - Back To The Future fun fact

The inspiration for the film largely stems from Bob Gale discovering his father's high school yearbook and wondering whether he would have been friends with his father as a teenager. Gale also said that if he had the chance to go back in time he would really go back and see if they would have been friends.

GIF: Dexter is on fire

Hahaha. So funny. I remember Deedee putting it out by pouring some liquid (water?). And then Dexter's hair is all gone. And then he invents some hair growing substance. And then his hair is like so long they are down to his knees. BTW, do you think Dexter is ginger? Valid question.

GIF: Dexter, I rule

Damn, it feels good to be a GANGSTA

Dexter's Laboratory Wallpaper

Click for larger 1280x1024 version.

Awesome: Avengers vs. Justice Friends

Whoever made this is an absolute genius. In the red corner are the Avengers - Hulk, Thor and Captain America. And in the blue corner, are - Major Glory, The Infraggable Krunk, and Val Hallen, or as they're known together - Justice Friends. Justice Friends who? Duh! Obviously, you've not been watching the most cool cartoon eva - Dexter's Lab. Here's the mashup I've been going gaga about.

Original artist: Michael Avon Oeming

More on Justice Friends can be found here (Wiki link)

GIF: Meryl Streep - Deal with it

It's Meryl fucking Streep. In the words of the great Cameron - She could play Batman and she'd be the right choice. Does it surprise you that Devil Wears Prada is like my all time favourite movie to watch when I need to destress. 

Fan made poster - The Avengers

Ok, this is the most awesome thing I have seen all day. Heck, its the best thing I have seen all week so far.
Here's a fan made poster of the Avengers. Lap all the awesomeness up.

All them awesome peeps are featured. Iron Man, Hulk, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America et al. Can't wait for the movie to roll out. Really waiting for Thor next year. 

via. Avid

GIF: Chandler & Monica - My Eyes

You know who says that. Eh, bad time for quiz. The scene is right here.

LOL: Say these numbers out loud

GIF: The Joker - fun fact

Fun fact: When this scene was filmed, the explosion didn’t go off at the right time but was delayed by a second or two, so Heath Ledger’s reaction was completely real. RIP!

How I Met Your Mother - Geeky Marshall Moment

Marshall: She’s never seen Star Wars? Ted, the only people in the universe who have never seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars, and that’s cause they lived them, Ted.  That’s cause they lived the Star Wars.

How I Met Your Mother 4.01 - “Do I Know You?”
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