New Posters and Trailer for Housefull 2 [Photoshop Fail]

by DPop on February 10, 2012

So, this is how the world is going to end – watching Sajid Khan movies. There’s a new one about to hit the cinemas soon – it is the sequel to that movie that no one saw, or apparently, quite a lot of you saw to make it profitable enough for Sajid Khan to make a sequel. The cast seems bigger – and they’ve added Rishi Kapoor, and wait for it – Randhir Kapoor too. WTF?!? Now I have to watch this. Have a look at the newly released posters and the trailer after the jump, and our mini-take on it.

So here are posters 1 and 2.

[Image courtesy: DailyHoney]

Seems like none of the stars could find time to huddle up together for a photoshoot. And neither did the promoters find a decent Photoshopper, and hence hired someone who could barely click Photoshop buttons. John Abraham looks wonky eyed in both the posters, and the elderlies – Rishi, Mithun, Randhir and Boman look completely in their own zones. Seriously wtf is happening? Second poster – There are 4 ladies for the 4 dudes, but somehow Shreyas seems to be left out, whilst Akshay is grabbing up two for himself. That naughty khiladi dude.

Anywho. The movie is out on April 05, so don’t forget to lock your brains out. For now, here’s the trailer.

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