Bollywood Podcast 2016 – Year End Special

Another year full of movies, and we look back at some of the ones that stood out - for good or bad reasons. Speaking at The Bollywood Podcast year end special of 2016,  our distinguished Bollywood Podcast panel – Beth (@bethlovesbolly), Asim (@asimburney) and I (@9e3k) .We also pick the movies that we are looking forward to watching in 2017. Enjoy the podcast! Bollywood 2016

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Bollywood Podcast – Year End Special 2015 – part 2

Bollywood 2015 In our part 1 of the year end special, we had a catch up about 2015 in Bollywood, and the movies that stood out for us. In part 2, our distinguished Bollywood Podcast panel - Carla (@carla_filmigeek), Beth (@bethlovesbolly), and I (@9e3k) honour our favourite movies and performances. We also pick the movies that we are looking forward to watching this year. Enjoy the podcast!

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Bollywood Podcast – 2015 Year End Special

The year end special of Bollywood Podcast is here. Drum rolls!!! Joining me Sujoy (@9e3k) on this special episode are – Beth (@bethlovesbolly), and Asim (@asimburney). What made it more special unlike any of our previous episodes was that we recorded it for real – as in not on Skype, but over a cup of coffee, at the BFI in Southbank, London. There were a few tech glitches and we lost around 20 minutes of ranting about Sharman Joshi’s career. But all in all, it was a very coherent round up of all the good, bad, and ugly that Bollywood offered to us in 2015. Check it out now!!

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Straight Outta Bollywood Memes – Part 1

A few days back, the #StraightOuttaSomewhere meme struck the interwebs hard. Everyone seemed to have jumped on the bandwagon, with lads meme-ifying the hell out of their profile pics on social media. As well as some selfies titled as #StraightOuttaNandos and the like. But what if our funky people in funky town of Bollyville were to be meme-ified into this #StraightOuttaSomewhere mould? Think no more. Here are some we could cook up for now, with a promise of a sequel soon. Go crazy! TO begin with, we enter the realm of Tilu - I mean Amar, I mean Aamir. And Raveena, I mean Karishma, or is it Raveena. FFS!!!
Tilu be like - Where am I ? Raveena be like - I am Karishma.



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Aiyyaa - Rani Mukherjee

Lots of Aiyyaa GIFs with awesome Rani Mukherjee

Aiyyaa was a super-awesome movie, that did not get the Box Office reception it deserved. With lukewarm critic reviews, this Rani vehicle should have vroomed much louder and gone more places. But I am most definitely sure, it will achieve the cult status it deserves in the years to come. For now, dive into the awesomeness of Aiyyaa GIFs. Warning: Could be too hot to handle. Aiyyaa - Rani Mukherjee (more…)

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