Aiyyaa - Rani Mukherjee

Lots of Aiyyaa GIFs with awesome Rani Mukherjee

Aiyyaa was a super-awesome movie, that did not get the Box Office reception it deserved. With lukewarm critic reviews, this Rani vehicle should have vroomed much louder and gone more places. But I am most definitely sure, it will achieve the cult status it deserves in the years to come. For now, dive into the awesomeness of Aiyyaa GIFs. Warning: Could be too hot to handle. Aiyyaa - Rani Mukherjee (more…)

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5 Beautiful Pics of Sonam Kapoor from Hello Magazine 2012 [Photoshoot]

There is no one who does photo spreads, as elegant and fashionably than Sonam Kapoor. You've got to give to the lady, who is undoubtedly the fashion icon of the country. And in the latest Hello India for Feb 2012, Kapoor jr. gets gorgeous gowns down on paper. Here we have 5 such beautiful ones. Hit the jump. (more…)

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