November 25, 2020

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The Koenigsegg Gemera just redefined the hybrid family car

Koenigsegg could have crafted its track record on indecently impressive coupes, but now the Gemera has arrived to reveal its eyesight of how you can deliver the relatives along far too. Dubbed a “Mega-GT” by the boundary-pushing automaker, the vehicle could search like a coupe at first look, but inside there’s seating for 4 older people.

The final result, Koenigsegg claims, is a vehicle ideal for “family journeys, in convenience, model, and basic safety with hardly ever-ahead of-seasoned effectiveness.” The latter is critical, of training course, considering that there’s seriously no these thing as a sluggish Koenigsegg.

It is a hybrid, with a gas motor and a few electric motors. The internal combustion section is a 2.-liter, a few-cylinder twin-turbo Freevalve motor, which the organization is referring to as the “Tiny Friendly Huge.” Modest it could be, but it adds 450 kW or 600 horsepower to the drivetrain.

The electric motors – a person for every rear wheel, and an additional on the engine’s crankshaft – jointly add 800 kW or 1,100 horsepower. The final result is a whopping 1.27 MW, or 1,700 horsepower.

It is a plug-in, with an 800V 15 kWh battery pack that Koenigsegg claims is adequate for about 31 miles of all-electric driving. If you are feeling profligate in its place, the electric motors can get the Gemera up to 211 mph. When necessary, the gas motor kicks in and optimum ability is unlocked, as properly as up to 620 miles or so of whole selection. The Small Friendly Huge can operate not only on gasoline but Gen 2. ethanol, Vulcanol, E85, or other more eco-pleasant fuels.

Environmentally friendly needn’t necessarily mean boring. There’s all-wheel steering and all-wheel torque vectoring, Koenigsegg guarantees, along with traction handle configurations for regular, damp, and monitor problems. If you are cruising, although, you may well be more intrigued in the adaptive cruise handle with lane help there’s also camera aspect mirrors and hydraulically adjustable experience peak front and rear.

The inside is as lavish as we’ve come to be expecting from a Koenigsegg. Full leather-based or Alcantara, with personalized contrast stitching on the carbon activity bucket seats all 4 are separately heated. There’s a few-zone weather handle, an 11-speaker audio process plus subwoofer, and an infotainment process with Appel CarPlay. The two front and rear get a 13-inch display, and there are two wi-fi mobile phone expenses and 4 heated/cooled cup holders.

The doors are worth spending attention to. You do not get separate rear doors, no, but the large Koenigsegg Automated Twisted Synchrohelix Actuation Doorways (KATSAD) drive out and pivot up to permit a B-pillar-no cost route into the cabin. They seem especially deserving of the Gemera title, which combines the Swedish phrases for “give” and “more”.

Only 300 of the Gemera will be crafted, Koenigsegg claims. Pricing is unconfirmed at this point, but the automaker is taking expressions of interest from would-be owners.