July 14, 2020

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Now Get More Out of Your Battery with the New MacOS Catalina Update

Apple has been trying to improve its batteries for Mac and iPhones for some time now. Now it has released a new MacOS Catalina Update 10.15.5, which brings in features to manage the health of the batteries. This will extend the life of the battery for sure. When you enable this feature, it reduces the peak performance of the battery and gradually lowers it to the optimal level, where the lifespan of the battery is the longest. This will work in Energy Saving Mode too. Well,if you are really into getting all the power for performance, you can disable this feature; otherwise, this will delay your purchase of a new battery for your MacBook.

Apple explained that they aim to reduce the rate at which the battery chemically ages. This new feature will record the temperatures in different instances and will also observe the charging patterns of the users. Based on these observations, the maximum charge capacity of the battery will be reduced and hence improve the batterylife.

Also, if you are in a profession of creating graphics and media, then this upgrade is something you will definitely like. Professionals relying on the Pro-Display XDR now have tools to fine-tune the calibration and can tweak attributes like white point and luminance. This will significantly improve image accuracy and is an excellent move for professionals in the field of graphic creation. This update also fixes a stability issue when users upload and download media from iCloud.

There are few minor but noticeable changes. For instance,now you can stop the resizing of the Facetime Video when a speaker speaks. During group calls, it often drives people nuts. For specific models of Mac, this update will improve the performance when hardware acceleration is in execution for GPU-intensive tasks like gaming or video calls. Also, there were reports of a bug where the webcam was not detected after a videoconferencing app was used; this update also addresses that issue. This update is based around the new reality of our world in the times of pandemic.However, we believe this update will be useful; when people are traveling, the longer-lasting battery can help.

Note:All the features may not be available for all the regions and devices.