January 25, 2021

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New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 12 Design Shock

You’ll be shocked after hearing about some of the details of the latest iPhone 12. The officially delayed iPhone 12 has the most remarkable thing, their affordable prices. Not everyone will be happy with where Apple is making the cuts to achieve it.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the acclaimed Apple insider, has reported that this time Apple will avoid the massive price increases impacting rivals, but by downgrading the upcoming iPhones’ battery technology and also putting a squeeze on the component supplies. This initiative of Apple is quite unethical.

Kuo also described while breaking down that Apple’s adoption of the Sub-6Ghz 5G latest technology in both the models iPhone 12 as well as iPhone 12 Plus will in turn increase the costs by $75-$85 for Apple, while the full fat millimetre wave 5G in both the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max will in turn add $125-$135.

In Samsung Galaxy flagships, such increases have added nearly $200-$300 to the final retail price of these phones, whereas Kuo tells that Applewill slash up to 50% off its battery costs by moving the iPhone 12 models to batteries with smaller, simpler designs along with fewer layers.

But most of the iPhone fans may not be happy after hearing these things about trading battery life for the cellular standard they cannot receive as Apple looks committed to this process for the long term.

Moreover, Kuo explained that Apple will continue degrading its features to lower the cost further in 2021 with the iPhone 13 line-up to a “purely soft board” battery design.This will cut down nearly about 30%-40% from its total costs. But it remains to be seen how this will impact their performance.

If you are still not convinced, then it’s advised to wait. The range is already delayed and for the next year there will be a new iPhone 12 model, which may just be the smartest buy among all of them.

For some upgraders, this cost cutting decision could be a deal-breaker; moreover, with the iPhone 12 range set to keep its big notch for another generation,the cameras are about to get a lot smarter, A14 chip could be a game-changer, the all-new chassis design looks great and super large and small new screen sizes will win new fans.

This means that this year Apple will beat all its rivals and that alone could be huge. So, wait for your favorite upcoming iPhone 12 to launch, order it online and get it delivered through the best courier partner website.