August 6, 2020

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Google Tests Its RCS Protocol for the Android Messaging App

Google seems testing out its latest RCS protocol that will be replacing the older version of messaging apps on Android. Well, the version will not be that great as per reports but will allow android users to now use emojis while chatting with friends or families.

The team was working on this update back in February, and now according to the reports the upgrade was released last Wednesday for all the android users. The company was not very sure of this protocol but was still testing to enable emoji feature for android platform as well. Since the version is limited, not all users will be able to receive RCS reactions and will get to receive a plain text such as “You received a smiley face emoji”. Well, this does not sound that bad for users who will not be able to make use of the new RCS messaging platform.

According to the team, you need to long press the message for which you want to send a reaction. This will show you 7 emoji signs and you can then send the emoji accordingly. If the RCS protocol is live on your device, you can try using it by following the above said steps.

A major fallback with this upgrade is that users can send these emoticons to RCS-RCS and not to RCS-Normal messaging platform. According to reports, people tried using the RCS-Normal type, but at the receiver’s end, only a fallback message was displayed. We can assume that with 7 emojis on RCS platform the makers have also updated receivers end with fallback messages that were not seen earlier. Well, this is only a limited version of the assumed beta platform; hopefully, the update will soon be available with the later version when Google will flag the update for all the android devices.

Google has been working remotely even in this pandemic situation to provide its users with advanced versions of apps. Earlier, we had seen the company rolling out many upgrades to its inhouse apps and since android mostly uses all the Google apps, users can expect more updates coming in the near future.