July 14, 2020

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Google Releases Action Blocks and Smart Features in Maps, Sound Amplifier and Live Transcribe

Google, on the occasion of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, has announced a slew of new accessibility-minded features in the form of “Action Blocks”.It also launched new features for Live Transcribe, Maps, and Sound Amplifier.

What Are Action Blocks?

Google introduced this feature last year to enable the users to create buttons for Google Assistant Command and place them on the home screen. This is very helpful for people with some cognitive difficulty who do not prefer interacting via text or voice. You can just create a block and do the actions by tapping on them. These blocks can be resized and customized with images as well.

Next Up Is Live Transcribe

Google introduced this tool in the Google I/O event in 2019. This super handy feature transcribes our speech to text in multiple languages. Now, users can add specific words that are not recognized by this Google tool. Also,you can now search for your previous transcription by using keywords. But what makes this unique in the context of accessibility is that Live Transcribe can hear and notify you if someone mentions your name. This feature will be convenient for people who cannot understand properly. New languages included in this tool are Burmese, Albanian, Punjabi, Mongolian, and Uzbek.

Sound Amplifier

 As the name explains, this tool will amplify the sound and essentially help people with hearing disabilities hear better. This feature now also works with Bluetooth headsets. On Google Pixel devices, this feature can increase the volume of the media playing on the device.

Finally, Google Maps

Wheelchair Access is well needed on Google Maps to notify people who need it. Now,it will have a more visible placement in the Google Maps section. However,this feature has been available in the application for a while. But these details were hidden inside the location details. Now you can tap on the accessible places on the right of the results and voila! You have all the information you needed. This new feature is being initially rolled out in Australia, the US, UK, and Japan.