July 14, 2020

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Galaxy Note 20 Leaks and Rumors

The leaks and rumors about the upcoming smartphones are catching up the heat. The speculation about the release date of Note 20 is 20thAugust 2020. There is also a slight conjecture of Fold 2 to be released on the side accompanying Note 20. Moreover, the introduction of Galaxy Z Flip is also on the edge, all resisted due to the pandemic blow on South Korea.

Experts analyzed the outbreak of lethal coronavirus that had seen a spike in the last few weeks in Samsung’s home country. Meanwhile, the hit of Black Lives Matters movement also has given a significant blow and loss to the companies and the economy as a whole. So, in these challenging times, it’s hard to anticipate anything accurately.

However, Note 20 will be launched in 3 different vibrant models i.e. Note 20, Note 20 Plus, and Note20 Ultra – similar to the Galaxy S lineup. It is simple to bet on the fact that the screen of the Note series has to be 120 Hz or even more (though less chances of that). But the screen could be much improved as it will be an LTPO screen to save battery loss due to high refresh rates. In fact, there are some bloggers that went a little more in depth and suggest the battery consumption will be about 15 to 20 %lesser than that of S series.

Note 20: 6.5 to 6.7 inches screen size with 2k (2,345×1,084 p) resolution screen

Note 20 plus: 6.9 inches

Note 20 ultra: More than 7 inches

5G is likely to be there in all phones and models, though it is possible that the models with a more modest pricing could be void of it. There are some rumors about the name shaken up, i.e. it is discontinuing the naming convention of the Galaxy lineup. So, the company might have done this just to align the phone with the year.

In camera section, Samsung has been nailing this domain from the last 5 years almost every year. There is this 100X space zoom the company has been boasting about called a 100x space zoom, which might justify the stratospheric price of the phone.

Note 20: 12 MP, 64 MP telephoto lens, 12-MP ultrawide angle lens

Galaxy Note 20 Plus: 108-megapixel (main camera module), 12 Telephoto lens, 12 MP ultrawide-angle lens,  50x/100x zoom

Processor– Qualcomm Snapdragon 865/ Exynos 992

Storage – 128GB to 512 GB

RAM– 8GB, 12GB, 16GB

Battery– 4000MaH to 4500MaH

All in all, the phone looks extensively promising and could be definitely the best phone of the year; it’s just that the pricing might easily cross $1200 mark.