December 4, 2020

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Bring Your Photos to Life with the Best Free Photo Editing App for PCs

The times of camera rolls that had to be developed at a photo studio seem like distant history. Initially the digitisation of pictures was a big deal and to get special effects on a picture, you had to hunting for specialists in the field but now you can use the best photo editing app for PC free and do so yourself within minutes.

The times have changed to such an extent that kids are also capable of creating masterpieces out of a simple image by the use of photo editing apps. Some of these, of course, have limited capabilities and allow the users to add filters, text, effects and so on. There is much more to photo editing which makes it useful for use in various industries.

What Can You Do with Photo Editing?

If you can learn how to use the best photo editing app for PC free, you can create the best-looking images out of average ones. You can edit your photos to enhance their look. This includes adding features that were not a part of the original pictures as well as removing certain aspects that could be taking the charm away from it. There is fantastic scope for a career if you become good at it.

What Free Apps Can Be Used for Photo Editing?

We have all heard of Photoshopped images and it has indeed become the generic term for photo editing. There are several photo editing apps available online and the free versions have limited features when compared to their paid counterparts. If you are on a hunt for the best free app, you could consider the following:

  1. GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program

This comes closest to Photoshop in terms of the many premium editing tools that you would expect in a paid software, with addition of more every day. The tool kit includes masks, layers, curves and levels to make the image look the way you want it to. It works with a variety of operating systems and is very easy to learn. A variety of plugins to improve its utility come pre-installed and many others are available for download.

  1. Net

A dependable editor that works for Windows PCs. It is very easy to use and the best for small scale editing of your images. You can utilise the features of layers and filters effectively. The interface is similar to that of basic Microsoft Paint but has many features that are missing there.

  1. Canva

This also works across different platforms. It allows your photos to be saved only as JPG, PNG or PDF formats. It has a wonderful selection of templates that can be used for creating media posts, cards, posters and such using your images. You can add various preloaded effects to your images along with the capability to adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness and saturation of your digital images. When you sign up for Canva, it also gives you access to 1 GB of cloud storage for your masterpieces.

There is a variety of apps out there and you just need to pick the best photo editing app for PC free, one that suits your needs and can give a new lease of life to your images.