December 4, 2020

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A Complete Guide to Choose the Right Smartphone

Everyone wants a smartphone. Whether it’s your first phone or you want to upgrade your existing phone, or you damaged your phone and hence want a new one, the question remains the same, ‘which is the best mobile in India.’ Companies keep launching new models with advanced features and hence this question is quite logical

Here is a quick guide about how to choose a smartphone that’s right for you.

To figure out which is the best mobile in India, start the process by asking a few questions to yourself. These are:

  • Which operating system would I prefer: Android or iOS?
  • Do I need a larger screen phone?
  • Do I want a phone that can be used by one hand?
  • Am I more concerned about battery life?
  • Do I need a dual SIM phone, or a single SIM is fine?
  • Do I love to click more and hence need a better camera phone?
  • Do I love to play games on my phone?
  • And, most importantly what is my budget?

The answers to these questions will help you figure out the category of phones that you need to explore. Once you are clear on that, half the battle is won already. For instance, let’s say you are deciding on the operating system. So, we know that Android offers better customization options, has a wider choice of devices and there are hundreds of third-party apps that can run for free on Android phones. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, is a more secure and stable operating system that offers nothing the best when it comes to the quality of apps and experience. But then you have to shell out extra bucks for it. Thus, if security and quality are of utmost importance to you, opt for Apple phones rather than Android. Also, if you already have an iPad or MacBook then too buying Apple phones makes more sense.

Once you have sorted the operating system you want to go with, your choice reduces to half. If you are going with iOS, then you have limited phones and mostly you will go either with the latest models or ones that were launched one or two years back. So you don’t have to rack your brains much.

However, if you are going with Android, then the next thing to decide should be the price range. Unless you are clear on that, you will go bonkers as there are too many players and models in the Android phone category.

Thus, finalize on your budget and then start comparing models in that category on storage, battery life, camera, processor and the screen size. You should have your preferences clear to arrive at the best solution.

Once you have finalized the model that you think is the best according to your preferences, then look for various colour options available in it and make your pick. You can order your new phone online and get it home-delivered through the best courier in India.