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Funny GIFs from Tumblr – [GIF Collection]

The WebTech Survey says GIF is declining in popularity. Fuck that shit. For anyone who is wondering or even has a shadow of a doubt about that, witness the hilarity below, and turn into a changed man/woman.

And beware, this post could be a bit too much for your humour receptor senses.

Take for example this:

Van Damne’s chocolate advert GIF.
This is how you should be selling chocolate.

Van Dame Funny GIF

 [Courtesy: RaffaRoffa ]

High School can be tough with bullies like these.

High School Bully GIF[Courtesy: HellsBellsChime ]

And we have a Superbowl Special. Presenting Destiny’s Child.

Destiny's Child Superbowl Funny GIF - 1 Destiny's Child Superbowl Funny GIF - 2

[Courtesy: Reality TV GIFs]

Time for some Headbanging – Bear style.

Bear Headbang Funny GIF

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Ghetto Monalisa.

Ghetto Monalisa

And finally, some Minion Fangirling.

Minion Fangirling

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