January 18, 2021

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This Is Why Apple Expects Improved Battery Life on 5G iPhones Even After Cutting Battery Sizes

Earlier, Apple iPhone was known for its poor to fair battery life. In some of the television commercials of Samsung, iPhone users are represented as wall of huggers, in which it shows the iPhone users facing problem to charge their phones in airport in search of an outlet to plug into.

Last year,Apple added one hour of additional battery life to iPhone 11 when compared to its another model iPhone XR. Not only this, the smartphone giant also increased the time by adding four hours of battery life to iPhone 11 Pro whereas five hours to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

To further improve the battery life on the iPhone 12 series, Apple is counting on the 5nm A14 Bionic chipset as the iPhone’s battery is going to do some heavy lifting. A heavy task is connectivity of 5TG network. Now if the “pro” models of Apple iPhone series sport a 120 Hz refresh rate, trying to make animations and scrolling more smoother will require the consumption of energy. The updated time at 120 Hz display is 120 times per second.

Reports revealed the size of battery backs two weeks ago for several models of iPhone with different screen size. The battery line-up for 2020 5G iPhone model will look as follow:

Phone Model                          Rumoured Battery                   Change from 2019 m

                                                           Capacity                                         model

Apple iPhone 12

(A2471)                                           2227mAh                                      -883mAh

Apple iPhone 12 Max                   2775mAh                                       N/A

Apple iPhone 12 Pro                     2775mAh                                      -271mAh

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max            3687mAh                                       -282mAh

Safety Korea, a regulatory agency, was filed against revealing that 2775 mAh battery will be powered in at least one handset. Firstly, it appeared that iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max of 6.1 inch might share same battery. But on the next day, it was found on several certification websites that a new model number (A2479) will carry a 2815mAh larger battery. Moreover, it has been found that there’s not much difference and that leads us to believe that Apple is counting on the more “cutting-edge” 5nm process to hike the battery life on the models of 2020.

The iPhone 12 series will be the first set of smartphones that will powered by a 5nm chipset. Now there’s a reason why Apple is taking a step back and moreover cutting capacities, that is the 28%decline in the battery capacity seems excessive for the iPhone 12.