January 25, 2021

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Side Incomes are no Hassle if You Know How to Play Kalooki Rummy Online

Kalooki Rummy is one of the most popular card games in Britain. This card game can be played between 2 to 5 players. The game is played with two decks of cards along with two jokers. The cards have different point values. Players have to meld all the thirteen cards in their hand by forming sets of equally ranked cards. The first player to meld all their cards wins the game. Kalooki is highly beneficial for players who want to earn money and feel entertained at the same time. All that the players need to know is how to play the game systematically and they can easily grow their cash reserves in no time.

Know how to play rummy online and excel at kalooki rummy as well

Kalooki starts with the dealer handing over the cards to the players. If you are playing the American version of Kalooki, then each player gets fifteen cards while in the European version, each player gets thirteen cards. The remaining cards make the stockpile among which the top-most card is used as the discard pile. The objective of the game is to meld the cards and get rid of them. The players need to make runs or sets for melding their cards. Sometimes in online Kalooki, nine cards are given to each player. The game begins when the discard pile is formed. The players need to pick, discard, and sometimes lay on their turn.

The first player picks a card either from the discard card pile or from the closed deck. The player cannot discard the same card that they have picked from the pile in the same turn. They need to discard one card from their hand. In addition to that, players can also pay down their cards. When any player lays down their cards, they can include the cards to any runs or sets present on the table. Moreover, players can also ‘Call’ in order to take a card that has been discarded by their opponent when it is not their turn. The player who has the next turn can either refuse the call or give away the discarded card.

Hence, in online Kalooki, the game continues until any one of the players meld or gets rid of every card in their hand. The score is calculated by adding up the cumulative points of the opponents. In the end, the player who has the lowest cumulative score is declared the winner of the game. That is why players should always try to discard face cards and Joker as they are high-point value cards.


Players who know how to play rummy online can easily get their hands on kalooki rummy to experience a different variant. Kalooki Rummy is easy to play when the players know the rules and gameplay at the back of their hand. The best thing about playing Kalooki Rummy is that players can easily earn loads of money without putting in much effort. All they have to do is ensure that they adhere to some simple rules to discard their cards and score minimal points to win the game.