December 4, 2020

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Samsung Blu-Ray Players Have Stopped Working for Many

Thousands of users have started to complain that their Samsung Blu-Ray Player is no longer working. Most users claim their Blu-Ray player is on an infinite reset loop when turned on while others complain their players are making a buzzing sound. But nobody seems to tell the explanation for failure though. Blu-ray players from Samsung have begun malfunctioning from Friday. Either the systems are caught in a reboot loop or started reacting to buttons. Several people have mentioned of being able to detect the player’s humming noise as though it were attempting to read a tape. But, there’s no disk in the video, prompting them to conclude that there might be a problem with the hardware.

These problems are not limited to a particular model from Samsung, which means that it could be a software-related issue. Some users say that the problem could have originated with a new firmware update, but brands don’t usually release regular firmware updates to Blu-ray players, and that too for all the models on a single weekend.

Support workers of the South Korean firm still appear not to know the cause for the issue, although they say the organization is examining the matter. Some claim the problem may be related to an expired SSL certificate. Blu-ray players need these certificates to link to Samsung’s servers via HTTPS, so a validation time that has expired will prohibit them from doing so.

With online video sharing from applications such as Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and others, people have avoided buying Blu-ray players. Samsung has also postponed the introduction of new Blu-ray sets, at least in the United States. This wasn’t the first time that Samsung’s devices have ruined weekend plans for people. The company’s Disney+ app on some smart TVs is still broken.