September 28, 2020

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Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield released in stores today

The Pokemon Trading Card Sport series set “Sword & Shield” was produced to the public right now, in this article on Friday, February 7, 2020. This set is the very first card activity set for the formal Pokemon TCG to aspect playing cards from the online video online games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Protect. This is the very first time we’re seeing a entire bunch of new playing cards, and a brand name new activity mechanic – Pokemon VMAX!

Above and below you will see pics from our early Pokemon Sword and Protect TCG unboxing. We got up close and particular with a bunch of packs, the playing cards they contained, and the wild range of uncommon, ultra-uncommon, and normally unique and/or shiny foil playing cards in the set.

This card assortment features 202 new playing cards as nicely as a few extra “secret” playing cards not stated in the regular set. You’ll uncover just about every card’s quantity out of 202 in the reduce correct-hand corner – most will be akin to 130/202, but the rarest of the uncommon will surface as 205/202, and so on. In the images you see earlier mentioned and below, we’ve got some rares, but even right after 30+ packs, we didn’t get a solitary “secret” uncommon – not even a single!

The most magnificent factor in the set has to be the VMAX Pokemon, of which there are numerous. We got our palms on the textured-foil Snorlax VMAX, which evolves from Snorlax V! This Gigantamax Pokemon is so huge, he’s got a landscape on his tummy!

Gigantamax (VMAX) Pokemon are so extremely huge and strong, they’re worthy of 3 Prize playing cards when knocked out! Even if you never have a deck of Pokemon playing cards in which a VMAX Pokemon would fairly fit, the playing cards are continue to incredibly stunning – so get pumped up both way!

New packs of Pokemon Cards in the Sword & Protect enlargement are available in retailers as of right now. You’ll be capable to uncover 3-packs of playing cards for all over $13 (with unique rares), “Theme Deck” containers for $13 with a single of 3 vital Pokemon at the helm, a Sword & Protect S1 Elite Coach Box for $40, and personal packs for all over $4-6, depending on the retailer you go to!