January 18, 2021

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Leaked Images Appear Showing an Updated Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest, which is in great trend nowadays, especially among the young generation to enjoy and experience the virtual world in the form of a headset is in headline as the picture of it seems to have leaked online.

The image has been leaked by a known leaker ‘WalkingCat’, which reveals the look of the new headset of Oculus Quest. WalkingCat’s authentic leaks are really true. Most recently, the user leaked the new HP Reverb G2 images before its official announcement. Long back in 2019, the user did the same when HoloLens 2 was going to launch.

The image leaked shows Quest headset of white colour. There are some worthwhile details on the display, but not much information is provided in the image what can be inferred from it.

Two images of the streamlined and refreshed upcoming Oculus Questwas posted in Twitter having the caption written as “15 Sept”by the established leaker WalkingCat as told earlier.

But WalkingCat didn’t mention whether the date specified is the official releasing date or just signifying an announcement made on that day. Now we can say that less than two months are there for the release of Oculus.

But the shots posted by the established leaker is a lot like the photos, which a typical press render whether. As the pictures released are just like the images released on Reddit, it’s not fully sure that all these pictures posted by the established leaker are legit, by seeing two different leaked platforms of social media, which adds extra level of credibility.

And moreover, the price of the Quest and its availability have not been mentioned and the hardware spec is also not declared that will be powered in the Oculus’ Nest VR headset.

The picture displays the clad in white plastic; with this, the revamped Oculus Quest appears more streamlined and sleeker in looks, as updated in the original Quest,which was announced in the year 2018.

The audio jacks of 3.5 mm and a USB port are at the sides of the Quest headset; slim vents for the Quest’s built-in speakers are also seen.

In this picture, we can’t see the slider made for adjusting the interpupillary distance, which is the most important as it helps the user to adjust it and focus according to the users varying eye and facial structures.

As said earlier by Oculus, “double down on improving our offerings for the Quest and Rift” will be looked after and now it is giving its current entry-level VR headset keeping its promise.