December 2, 2020

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hostgator domain and hosting

4 Reasons to Try Out Hostgator Free Domain and Hosting in 2020

I enjoy being a part of web hosting services offered by HostGator as they currently boast of more than 8 million domains being hosted on their web servers. That’s certainly the first reason to try Hostgator free domain and hosting packages.

Their popularity grew steadily over time; as they’ve assured 24/7/365 telephone support, uptime of 99.9% and money back guarantee of 45 days, and I still remember the time back in 2008 when they didn’t even have a million domains hosted with them.

When I got started with HostGator the very first thing that I liked was the cPanel and many ready-to-install scripts that I could indeed install within few seconds, and it has only evolved over last 10 years.

Baby, Hatchling, and Pro are 3 plans offered by HostGator, and I am content with the Baby plan because I happen to be a beginner level user who just needs basic stuff. These range from $4.5, $7.95, $12.95 up to $74.95, and are accompanied by goodies like Site builder software, web mail, SSL, and even a free domain.

The 350GB, disk space and 3000GB bandwidth for $4.5 per month is offered in the baby package (I like this, but I don’t really need even 50GB space and 1000GB bandwidth)

The disk space of 600GB and bandwidth of 6000GB is offered by HostGator’s hatching plan for the monthly price of $7.95. More than 500 templates are provided by Hostgator as a part of their hosting package, and I keep changing them quite frequently, but I’ve never ran out of options yet ☺

Great Support Unlimited FTP Accounts, Add-on Domains & More

Immediate backup and weekly offsite Raid1-backup within 15 minutes are also offered. What’s more, they don’t charge even a penny for account set up, which is really appreciate because I don’t fancy taking pains of doing anything on my own.

Unlimited FTP accounts, sub-domains as well as add-on domains have been offered by the HostGator in their higher packages, but I am happy with baby package because I just host my personal blog. Looking at the technological features supported by HostGator’s hosting plan, all the latest technologies such as PYTHON, PERL, PHP, CGI, MYSQL and FrontPage are supported without any issues.

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Deals

hostgator domain and hosting

Currently, HostGator is offering a smacking 75% OFF with a free domain for 1st year on Black Friday 2020, which will go on till Cyber Tuesday, so don’t miss this golden chance!

If you’re looking for an alternative, there’s a great Black Friday Deal from Interserver too.