July 6, 2020

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With More Updates to Fix UI and Controller issues, Google Improves Stadia for Web

What makes Google Stadia special is that you can play AAA titles on a low-end device, for example, let’s say, a Chromebook. All this is possible because of Stadia’s web application.So, in the present week,the Stadia team has rolled out an update that focuses on fixing various issues in the web app and has also taken care of a few user complaints.

The most significant improvement brought in by Google in recent times is the added 4k support and the support for wireless controllers. Post the incremental update, it has been slowly turning the Stadia system to perfection, and now this update is just another step towards achieving the same.

For example, there used to a significant notification for “Headset Connected” when the user logged in; this was regardless of the presence of an exclusive headset. And to make matters worse, this notification was large enough to cover up the top left corner and overlap the “Home” and “Store” button.

So, this week’s update, Google has put those two options in a dedicated bar on the top of the screen. This takes away the floating look and makes the options very distinctly available for the user. The earlier annoying “Headset Connected”option is now displayed under the dedicated bar, thus solving the overlap issue.

For those who prefer to use controllers while playing on Stadia, this new update by Google is a sigh of relief. Before this,users could launch the recent game or traverse through their game library, but due to some bug, the players could not select to play the game while using their controllers. But with that bug fixed, you can straightaway launch your favorite games from your Stadia Game Library.

Even though, as of now, Stadia lacks many features when compared to traditional gaming platforms like the option to change quality without heading into the mobile app. Google is seemingly doing fine with its continuous tweaks to Stadia, which ensure better and better gameplay experience with every incremental update.