August 6, 2020

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Google Chrome Brings in “Tab Groups” to  Manage Open Tabs Better

To help users manage the open tabs better, Google has now brought in a new feature for its Chrome browser’s beta version. This version will be rolled out for stable releases in the coming week. With “Tab Groups,” users can group similar tabs by either labeling them or color-coding them.

All you have to do is right-click on the tab and click on “Add a tab to the group”. Now the user has two choices:he can create a new group or add the “Tab” to an existing group. Labels of the groups are custom and can be changed by the users accordingly.

Google had been working towards bringing in this feature for a few months now. The search engine giant had previously stated that people often organize tabs while they are working for a project or planning a task. Instead of organizing tabs by topic, people can also organize according to the urgency of the job. What more, if you hate names for the groups, you can even group them using your favorite emojis.

It is generally observed that people open multiple tabs while surfing through the internet, and the tabs just stack up. This problem has led to the development of many new tools in the industry.These tools or alternates to Google Chrome are offered by developers. Many tab organizers are already available as plugins for Google Chrome, such as Toby, OneTab, and Cluster.

Also, browsers like Vivaldi and Opera introduced tab stacking to control the clutter. But with a significant market share of 67.5%  when it comes to desktop web browsers, Google has nothing to worry about. However, we can say that these upcoming alternatives forced Google to innovate and bring in more features for the users’ convenience.

As of today, this new “Tab groups” feature is available on Google Chrome Beta. But in the coming week, it is expected to be rolled out as desktop version of Google Chrome running on Mac, Windows as well as Chrome OS. Although not everyone will receive the update in the coming week, Google needs to ensure that the browser’s performance is not affected by “Tab Groups”.

With this new feature, You can now work more systematically and then close all those tabs after you are done with your work. And that feeling is satisfying.

Do let us know about any mix-ups which happened because “ too many tabs” were open and what you think of this new feature in the comment section.