January 16, 2021

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Google Announces Explore App for Chromebook

Chromebook is liked by so many users and whoever don’t like this are simply uneducated on the subject. The most secure web surfing platform in the whole planet is none other than “Chrome OS”, which is running as a Linux-based operating system in these laptops. 

Google has announced the launch of a new app called Explore that is built into the Chromebooks and all the users can take advantage of using it.

Web apps can not only run on Chromebooks but also on other android apps and desktop Linux programs by providing all other devices with the useful software. 

You must know that they are very easy to use. The latest “Explore” app will help all the users to easily navigate through Chromebook. All the Chrome users can always improve their knowledge of the related platform through getting more education and experience about that platform. They are simple and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you can be an expert in running that within a day. It will take time, but you’ll surely learn using it and then become an expert. 

It can also teach you how you can change your wallpaper or your lock screen wallpaper in your desktop when you talk about the onboarding process. 

The Director of Chrome OS Software, Alexander Kuscher said – “Think of the Explore app as your compass for navigating your Chromebook. It’s an evolved form of Get Help, our previous in-product education app. Now, when you log in to a Chromebook for the first time and complete the initial onboarding, the Explore app orients you to learn about the most helpful Chrome OS features. The Explore homepage gives you easy access to answers and visual tutorials to some of the most commonly-asked questions from new Chromebook owners, like how to best manage your files on Chromebook across local storage and Google Drive, or how to set up a printer with Chromebook.

A quick access tab is also provided to some of the best Chromebook perks so that all the users can use them. 

It has also been informed by Google that in the US, one can use the Explore app to get free access up to 100GB of storage and one year from Google, free access to the popular game Stardew Valley, and even three-month free access to Disney+.

You do not need to install anything when you have decided to use this app, as Google implies, it will be automatically installed on all your supported Chromebooks. But it has not yet been clear whether the app will be installed automatically in the same device silently in the background or will it be delivered in a future operating system upgrade.