January 16, 2021

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Gmail and Google Meet Get Major Security Boost

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, virtual interactive connective can only be possible through interactive platforms Google Meet, Gmail or GSuite. This need has made such interactive platforms very popular and easily accessible to the students, teachers and the people engaged in work from home. 

Now, in order to meet with the need of the time, Google has updated its apps by adding certain new features to it to protect remote workers and students who are attending their schools online through Google Meet. 

Now Google will further update Meet for better security and to meet with the requirements of the users. It will be updated with new features so that the people who intend to join video meetings are only allowed. 

Only the consumers and the GSuite accounts for education will be able to take advantage of this update. Foremost, the meeting hosts of Google Meet will be given control to remove or join the users in their meetings. The user will not be able to join again once he/she has been removed from Google Meet by the host. 

Isn’t it secured? Keeping in view the safety and security of the information, Google has taken a remarkable measure by introducing these new updates.

With a simple few click, the Meet hosts are given with the advanced safety locks to better protect their Google Meets. Hosts can easily decide how a user can join a Google meet with these new safety locks. 

If some user will several attempts to join a Google meet, then the Meet host has given the opportunity to lock the anonymous users that are logged into the Meet with Google accounts. 

Google, mainly known as the search engine giant, has recently announced the ploy of its new standard i.e. Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). 

BIMI pilot in the coming weeks will begin a new feature in which they will allow a limited number of senders. To validate logo ownership, the Certification Authorities Entrust Datacard and DigiCert will also be working with Google. 

Now that Covid is going to last for long, this innovative step of Google by updating it will certainly prove to be milestone in teaching and learning process in schools and different universities. It is surely going to simplify by imparting knowledge and meeting with the teaching and learning requirements.