July 14, 2020

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Galaxy watch 2 leak suggests Samsung had a change of heart

Manufacturers are constantly making changes to their products as per customer demand, features, and design. Once the modification is done, they hardly or never look back to the changes made. There are few exceptional cases like the premature removal of microSD card slot that was criticized so much that they had to put it back the following year in Galaxy Note 5 handsets. The exclusion of the rotating bezel in Galaxy Watch Active was very disappointing but not controversial, so it was surprising and reassuring that it will make a comeback in the Galaxy Watch 2 in a few months.

Samsung had never made an official announcement regarding the removal of its rotary smartwatch, which was an iconic feature. The watch made its debut as early as the Gear S2; physical control of its gadgets is the staple of Samsung smartwatches. It was only after the arrival of Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2 that they stopped producing physically controlling watches. The removal of this feature can be considered as the trial feature of Galaxy Active family to see the customer response.

It is assumed that the next generation of watches, which will be called Galaxy Watch 2, will come with the rotating control feature on the face of the watch. Samsung is not to say anything about the return. It might be a simple case like how the ‘magic digital bezel’ on Galaxy Watch Active 2 was not liked by the customers at the end.

Still the upcoming of the smartwatch is a mystery since no official statements have been released. An FCC cites points at the coming of two models, one which will be a 45mm timepiece and the other leak talks about the existence of a much costlier titanium variant. These are just knowledge from the people who too might have not seen. For the knowledge of other features, one must wait for almost 2 months for the debut of the smartwatch.

The smartwatch market is a kind of stagnant market after a surge of interest amongst people, all thanks to Apple’s success in its health-centric feature. Samsung has been upgrading and evolving to adding up features such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring, it is a rarity amongst commercial smartwatches. It has a lot of challenges to get such a feature embedded.