July 14, 2020

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Finally! Google Messages to Have End-To-End Encryption

Google’s RCS is finally set to have end-to-end encryption. This has been revealed by experts at APKMIRROR who reported about the pipeline updates.

RCS or Rich Communication Service is a protocol that is miles ahead of SMS protocol. It is pretty similar to Apple’s iMessage and Whatsapp. For example, they have read receipts, group chats, 8000-character limit and even typing indicator. Also, you can send RCS messages through Wi-Fi or Data, although these features have been available on other apps for years. RCS was introduced in 2016, but only in 2019, it was utterly rolled out for all devices in the United States.

Till now, Google lacked the security option of end to end encryption. This stops third party apps from stealing your data. And privacy has been one of the main issues with more and more instances of data leaks coming into light recently. Also, if the users don’t have a good data connection, then you could send the message as SMS or MMS as a fallback measure.

The leak was about Google Messaging 6.2. According to our analysis of the lines of code, it refers to encryption for sure. However, we still don’t know whether it would be necessary for both the sender and receiver to use Google Messages to ensure secure encryption. The lines of code also suggest Google Fi integration. Google Fi means checking calls and messages on multiple devices. They also indicated additional features like manual backup restore.

If that turns out to be accurate, then we are looking at changes in-app permissions. The code also suggests that users may be able to give other apps to look into the encrypted messages too. Although we still don’t know when this feature will be rolled out finally, what we know is that Google is exploring options—and significantly developing end-to-end encryption for better user experience.