January 18, 2021

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Edit Your Pictures with These Free Photo Editors for Mac

If you want your images to look different from how they are, you can do so by using a photo editor. There are several apps that can be downloaded for free from the App Store that give you the options of adding filters, effects and captions to make them Social Media worthy. There are limited features that you can access with even the best free photo editing software for Macis compatible with. There are few free photo editors available for Mac, but you can certainly get free trials for a short period. If you want to go beyond that, you will probably need to buy a photo-editing software with advanced options.

  1. Photolemur

This photo editor is available in paid as well as free version. This may not be the best free photo editing software for Macas your images will have a watermark if edited with the free software. This is an AI based automatic enhancer with an interface that is easy to understand and use. After you are done with the editing, you can compare the difference vis-à-vis the original. There are various styles available for touching up the photos without going into technicalities.

  1. GIMP

This is the best free photo-editor which is supported for a number of platforms including MacOS. The tools offered in this app are comparable to those available in some paid apps. These include clone brushes, layers, selection tools, transformation instruments and colour adjustment among many others.

  1. Luminar – Available for Free Trial (7 days)

A photo editor with all the required features for editing images, this can be used on its own or as a plug-in for programs like Apple Photos. It enhances the images quickly by making use of Artificial Intelligence. Features included in this are sky enhancer to add depth, Accent for automatic enhancement, Sun Rays to adjust the lighting. These together make images look amazing. Other than having many filters, Luminar includes tools for cropping, cloning, transforming, erasing and stamping. There are also the layers, brushes and other advanced tools for editing.

  1. Aurora HDR (14-day Free Trial)

If you want to enhance your HDR photos to make them more detailed, this is the app you should consider. It has a variety of tools, each with a selection of controls, to enhance the colour, glow, tone and detailing of the images. You can also work with layers, brushes and masks along with AI tools that enhance colour, clarity, contrast and lighting of the images.

  1. Photoscape X

This is a relatively new photo editor and is available for free to use with your Mac. It has a simple interface with several tabs, each responsible for a different stage of editing. You can view and select in the view tab and move to the editor tab for the next stage. Here, you will find the tools that you can use to enhance your image and compare it with the original. You can create GIFs and enhance several photos at once. The negative here is that the tools impact the entire image and not just a selected area.

This is a selection of the best free photo editing software for Mac that you can use, some only for a limited time. Once you are comfortable with editing tools, you can consider taking on a professional paid version.