July 14, 2020

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Bugs in Windows 10 Continue to Haunt the Users and Put the Brand Loyalties at Jeopardy

Windows 10 faced another problem with the new May 2020 update of the operating system. The fresh start feature of the OS doesn’t perform its function. For information, this feature of Windows 10 allows users to reset the computer completely by removing their data and resetting all the settings to default. But after the recent Windows update, the feature is not working anymore with some users reported. Initially, the problem was pointed out by Techdows, but Techdows says that the problem is not with this recent bug that’s introduced in this update; in fact, the problem lies within the system of the company itself and how it reached such an issue.

The issue was brought to Microsoft attention by insiders and users via a feedback hub many times before, but the company released the May 2020 Update without fixing the issue,” says Techdows. “This issue is not listed in Windows 10 2004 known issues document Microsoft maintains on its website.”

Microsoft has injected the beta testers, which the company calls as Windows Insiders that are in millions. These are responsible for identification of any problem with the system and installing the Windows updates for that, report that flaws and errors to Microsoft which then gets ignored.

Moreover, the Power user feature is plaguing Windows Insider for quite a long time, which Microsoft did not notice and implied its May 2020 update without ratifying the issue for that matter. Well, there are no signs in the near future that it could be improved as the history eventifies with the 2018 company pushing an update that deleted the user’s data altogether. All this proves that Microsoft’s software testing department is shoddy in nature.

So, all this makes the user evaluate their option for operating system if the system is not fixed.