August 6, 2020

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Apple Finally Releases “Dark Mode” To Its iOS 13 iPhone and iPad

Apple is all set to launch the latest update to its iOS 13 devices, which will include the support of Dark Mode to the Apple Store app. Well, after a long wait, the users will now get to experience the dark mode. Since the iOS 13 platform is now available in the beta form, it will be great to try out the dark mode for the said platform.

The company is all set to roll out different updates amid this lockdown situation providing users with better accessibility to features and upgrades. With dark mode, users will get to experience dark color tones across the entire phone for menus, screens, and apps making the background content more visually appealing. Though the default color will not disappear, depending on the preference, users can change the mode to light mode or dark mode by heading to the Settings app, Display, and then Brightness;scroll down to find the toggle button from where you can change the mode accordingly.

What more the users get with this update is an automatic schedule, where they can schedule a time to enable the light & dark mode automatically. Along with this, iOS 13 will allow users to dim the wallpaper brightness when the dark mode is enabled on the device. As per reports, the new interface looks great on the iPhone & iPad.

This latest update for iOS 13 will also include certain fixes and enhancements for better performance. The update will not be applied to apps such as weather, which is holding to the lighter mode for performance. The company is surely looking for updates to provide a consistent feel for all the apps by providing a darker color palette for the iOS 13 platform.

Well, the dark mode feature was earlier integrated to some of the Android apps like the Messaging App, Google Calendar, Youtube, and Facebook Messenger, whichwas the first app to test the dark mode with the latest Android 10 version.

It will be great to see how Apple users will be adapting to the dark mode update to their iOS 13 iPhone and iPad. To experience the dark mode, users should have the latest version of the Apple store app, which they can download by heading to the app store.