July 14, 2020

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Apple Allegedly Incorporating A11 Chip in AirPower to Solve Overheating Issue

Apple is continuing their work on AirPower-like wireless charging mat that is not going to face any overheating problem and will easily be able to charge multiple devices in one go, according to leaker Jon Prosser, who shared a sneak peak of an alleged prototype of the mat named “C68”.

By the looks of the mat shown in the picture, it resembles the AirPower mat, which Apple previewed in public in 2017 iPhone launch event. The mat was said to be released in 2018 but got cancelled in 2019. Jon had told earlier that the mat was facing a lot of difficulties to charge Apple watches and was apparently overheating when more than 2 devices are put on it at once.

Apple teased us with the release of mat at the iPhone X event in September 2017. We were promised that the mat will be able to charge different devices compatible to iPhone like Apple Watch, watch’s case, AirPods etc. simultaneously regardless of their position on the mat.

However, we know that there are several overlapping coils used inside the mat to charge the devices, thanks to the patent. The mat failed to meet the high standards, said Apple and cancelled the project in March 2019. A leaker Sonny Dickson indicated that the main issue with mat was overheating.

Jon claimed a few months back that Apple had addressed the overheating issue with their latest prototype mat, which has a smaller number of coils and an integrated A11 chip that will significantly reduce heat generation.

We can expect to see the mat going up for sale in the fourth quarter of 2020 or the first quarter of 2021 if everything goes as planned and if the testing is successful.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi forecasted that one of Apple’s major new hardware for 2020 will include a small wireless charging mat. We believe this mat could be used only to charge a device at a time and could be announced in upcoming WWDC 2020. The dates of the event are uncertain due to the Covid-19 pandemic that the whole world is facing now.