January 18, 2021

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Amazon’s Fitness Band Creates a 3DModel of Your Body + Recognizes the Emotion in Your Voice!

Amazon has become a pioneer in the field of e-business and has tied up with the best courier service for online business to offer its customers unmatched delivery services. It is now trending as an inseparable, unavoidable and essential part of everybody’s life, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. It has recently released a health variable ‘Halo’, which stands true due to its special features. The service cost of Halo band is $3.99 per month and the main cost is $99.99.

As for everybody, mental and physical well-being is of utmost priority right now and hence wellness and health are among the few industries thatare still thriving in uncommon times.

For creating a more generalised and personalised wellness journey, Halo has included with the great and exclusive feature that created a 3D model of human body and moreover tracks their emotional tone in their voice.

This is an exclusive feature, which has been incorporated in the fitness band, with the latest technology of emotional quotient capabilities that are rarely seen in experimental robots. According to human body’s heart rate, the existing trackers probably get an idea about their feelings through it and now assessing emotions through human’s voice is something new as well as interesting.

The team said – “Alongside cardio, sleep, body fat, and voice tone tracking, a Halo subscription will offer a suite of ‘labs’ developed by the partners. They’re short challenges designed to improve your health habits – like meditation, improving your sleep habits, or starting up basic exercise routines.”

Amazon actually focuses on lifestyle-outfits, appliances, utility items, cosmetics etc. than games and sports. It also focuses on wellness and healthy habits. It lacks some advanced features like GPS, cellular capabilities, Wi Fi, due to which it doesn’t provide frequent notifications to the customers.

The band connects with your phone via Bluetooth and has an app to track your order and store all your data.Halo is inclusive of an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, two microphones with on/off feature,and LED indicator light.It monitors the emotional tone of the speaker and keeps a check on your fitness.It actually increases theintensity, pitch, tempo and rhythm of your voice and soon after differentiates them into “notable moments”, which you can review all day by going back.

For those who are looking to start their wellness and fitness journey, Halo seems to be the best without being too focused on exercises alone.