December 2, 2020

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3 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps for Your Smartphone

Staying organized always helps in enhancing efficiency and the same holds true for devices. Most people think of cleaning up their phones only when it starts misbehaving or when something goes wrong. Though the Android devices are smart enough and don’t require any regular maintenance but performing a digital tune-up once in a while is always a good idea to keep it performing to its maximum potential. Here are some of the best android phone cleaner apps that you can use for this purpose.

Clean Master

It’s a free app that gets rid of all the temp files and system cache stored on your phone. Memory-saving, antivirus features, and an app manager are some features included in this app. Using this app, you can free up phone storage form cache, widowed and temporary files, etc. The app manager feature in it helps you to uninstall the apps you don’t require anymore, move apps to the SD card and backup APKs. Some other useful features of this app are private photo locker, game mode, app lock, etc.

Droid Optimizer

This is one of the best android phone cleaner apps available with more than a million downloads. The popularity of this app lies in its simplicity to use which appeals to the newbies and an introduction screen that helps you with all the available features and permissions. Just by a single tap, the phone cleans up, starts. The ranking system in-built in this app motivates the users to keep their device in the best shape. As soon as you tap for a clean-up, the free space and RAM stats display at the top of the screen along with a rank score.

You get an option of setting an automated clean-up frequency and then the app’s auto-clean up mode will be activated. The app will then take care of cleaning all cache, unnecessary files and stop background apps at a predefined frequency. The “good night scheduler” feature of this app conserves the device energy, by disabling features like Wi-Fi when it isn’t active, automatically.

All-In-One Toolbox

To pep up the efficiency of your appliance, just cleaning it up is not enough. You need to keep a tab of a few other things like CPU temperature, monitoring the battery condition and the pesky mobile ads. All-In-One Toolbox is the perfect app for all this.

As the name suggests, it cleans up all temporary files, wipes off cache delete orphaned files and empty folders and analyses your device by providing current battery statistics, Wi-Fi analysis, etc.  You can use its Battery Saver section when running out of battery and advanced file cleaning tools. It also has a ranking system enabled to encourage the users for regular clean-up.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. Despite getting smarter by each passing day, they are electronic machines at the end of the day. Similar to any other machine, this also requires some care and maintenance to keep working efficiently. If you fail to do so, the junk will keep accumulating making the smartphones become slow. You should make use of the best android phone cleaner apps available at Play store to keep your smartphone efficient.